AstraZeneca in the Courts – not the first time!

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The family of Juan Santos Sierra (who tragically died during an AstraZeneca clinical trial) has filed a lawsuit in the courts of Merida, Spain against AstraZeneca. A judge has admitted the complaint and court proceedings have begun with a full investigation currently under way. Please follow this link for further details:

We (CAP – Cambridge against AstraZeneca Planning ) remain in communication with Juan’s brother in law and fully support the family in their struggle for justice.

This tragedy  has been brought to the attention of the public by the Spanish national television and newspapers – EFE, RNE,THE WORLD, AGENCY CANAL 13 TV.

This is not the first time that AstraZeneca has received media attention for unscrupulous behaviour such as hiding evidence from clinical trials, playing down the risks involved and exaggerating the benefits of drugs:

– Feb 2006 (Philadelphia Inquirer), Astrazeneca had to abandon its blood thinner due to risk of liver damage

– AstraZeneca’s drug for stroke patients was abandoned. Although the results obtained from animal testing were positive the drug proved damaging to humans. Dr Robert Matthews ( Dr Hadwen Trust) wrote in the First Post: “The wonder was that anyone found the failure surprising. Tests on animals have led to around 100 drugs being thought potentially useful for stroke; not one has proved effective in humans. You don’t need to be a balaclava-wearing animal rights activist to question the value of animal studies in this area of medical research.”

– In October 2013 The Guardian and pharmaceutical industry news site Fierce Biotech covered AstraZeneca’s dubious results from a US clinical trial used to win marketing approval for its heart drug Brilinta.
“Aspects of the study, which relied heavily on patients recruited in eastern Europe, have been criticised by medical experts. Poland and Hungary together accounted for 21% of the subjects studied – more than double the US and Canada combined.
James DiNicolantonio, Pharm.D. of Ithaca New York and Ales Tomek of Charles University in Prague raised several questions about the conduct of the study… In particular, their analysis found that patients in the Plato trial who were monitored by AstraZeneca were reported as having more beneficial effects from taking Brilinta than those monitored by an independent clinical research organisation.”

– 2013/2014  AstraZeneca was  sued for fraud in relation to misleading marketing and unsafe side effects of its antipsychotic drug Seroquel, (The Guardian and pharmaceutical industry news site Fierce Pharma)

Besides these publicised scandals there will be so many more that have gone unreported particularly by vulnerable sectors of society who lack the money and resources to legally challenge the unethical practises of a multinational. With regards to the current case in Spain it is alleged there has been at least one other death caused by Sifalimumab (the drug in question). Elsewhere in the world, an article in The Independent stated, “In India hundreds of people die each year in clinical trials” (2644 between 2002-2012) – “A haven for clinical trials, a hell for India,”Andrew Buncombe ( Sept 2013)
AstraZeneca performs inhumane, unnecessary experiments on around 300,000 animals each year*. How many more human and animal lives must AstraZeneca take? AstraZeneca plans to build a global HQ and animal lab in Cambridge by 2016 and The CAP Campaign strongly opposes this. Please  like our Facebook page so we can keep you updated about any  events/actions, etc   THANK YOU

Shame on AstraZeneca for its cruel disregard for animal and human lives!

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*Figures taken from AstraZeneca’s own website and are based on 2011. 2012 and 2013 numbers.

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