Protest against AstraZeneca at B2B Exhibition!

cap partners in crime at b2b

Protest against AstraZeneca at B2B Exhibition!

On Thursday, 24th September, representatives of Cambridge against AstraZeneca Planning (CAP) protested outside the Quy Mill Hotel, Cambridge. Their focus was Shaun Grady, AZ’s vice president for strategic partnering and business development, speaking at the Cambridge B2B exhibition.

The protest formed part of CAP’s “AZ Partners in Crime” initiative. This initiative follows on from its statement in “The Cambridge Student” denouncing Cambridge University for its partnership with AstraZeneca (*)

The CAP reps intended to attend the AZ speaker’s seminar in order to find out more about the horrific plans for the new animal torture lab/global HQ. Ludicrously, although they had been registered and emailed tickets all of them were turned away once they set foot in the entrance with no logical explanation!! (All placards, leaflets,etc had been left behind in cars out of sight and everyone was dressed conservatively).

Poor organisation? A cruel joke? Or does AstraZeneca have something to hide?

Undeterred the campaigners pulled forward the demonstration they had planned for outside the hotel ( after the talk). The determined activists chanted passionately whilst holding up placards and leafleting in a bid to persuade companies not to be involved with AstraZeneca.

Rachel Mathai, spokesperson for CAP said, “We were pleased to see that many people took leaflets and we had a positive response from them. AstraZeneca’s experiments on almost 270,000 animals each year(**) are not only cruel but ineffective. We hope companies will realise that being linked to AstraZeneca’s terrible reputation is not an attractive prospect.

Ms Mathai added, “In addition they will inevitably be the target of peaceful but passionate protest.”

To see more pics from the protest and to  find out more about the campaign please visit our Facebook page.

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** Figures taken from AstraZeneca’s own website and are based on 2012, 2013 and 2014 numbers.
(Page 5)—May-2015.pdf&blobheadervalue2=abinary%3B+charset%3DUTF-8&blobkey=id&blobtable=MungoBlobs&blobwhere=1285694269245&ssbinary=true

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