Advocates for the Animals! Scientific Progress without Animal Testing!

Medimmune protest 2016 1

AZ demo at Cambridge Science Festival – “Animal tests, no progress! End the cruelty!”

On Thurs 17th March members of CAP ( Cambridge against AstraZeneca Planning) were demonstrating against AstraZeneca. A speaker from MedImmune, AstraZeneca’s global biologics research and development arm, was at the University Technical College for Cambridge Science week. The chanting was passionate and committed activists presented the public with CAP leaflets. Also leaflets with scientific facts against vivisection from highly respected national animal welfare organisations.

The AZ talk involved an explanation of how a new biological medicine is taken from conception through to the clinic. One of our supporters was at the talk to find out if the issue of animal testing would be mentioned by the speaker. She reported back to us that the speaker “didn’t make it clear re animal testing.” Also that “he did say that one was never absolutely sure of the efficacy of the new drug until it was administered to the first human patient.”

Rachel Mathai.spokesperson for CAP said, “Our aim was to be advocates for the animals and scientific progress without animal testing. Also, to strongly urge AstraZeneca to drop their plans for the animal lab and phase out all their experiments on animals.

AstraZeneca performs cruel experiments on over a quarter of a million animals each year.* There are so many human relevant techniques that can be employed instead eg in vitro methods, advanced computer-modelling techniques, microdosing, etc”

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* Based on figures from AstraZeneca’s website

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