CAP Reps at AstraZeneca AGM!

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CAP Reps at AstraZeneca AGM!

On Friday, 29th April, representatives of CAP (Cambridge against AstraZeneca Planning) attended AstraZeneca’s AGM in London, seeking answers to vital questions. We continue to oppose the pharmaceutical multinational’s plans to build an animal lab at the planned new HQ in Cambridge.

CAP seized the opportunity to quiz the CEO and other members of the board. The questions were based on CAP’s petition, asking AZ to drop their plans for the animal lab and phase out all experiments on animals.

We are pleased to announce our non confrontational face-to-face approach proved effective. The board members agreed to a response to our communications and were open to considering negotiation. We will be following this up and reminding them of their words.

It is also worth noting that currently the share price of AstraZeneca is at its lowest since the campaign began (Nov 2014). Also, their first quarter earnings have gone down since last year. AZ is at its weakest point….NOW is the best time to join our campaign against the Cambridge animal torture lab!

Rachel Mathai, spokesperson for the group said, “AstraZeneca performs inhumane, unnecessary experiments on over a quarter of a million animals each year*. There are so many human relevant techniques that can be employed instead eg in vitro methods, advanced computer-modelling techniques, microdosing, etc”

Ms Mathai added, “Our aim was to persuade AstraZeneca and their shareholders that it could only be beneficial for them to make a clear commitment to phasing out all animal testing. Thousands of people have signed our petition as an expression of their concern. We sincerely hope negotiation with AstraZeneca will follow.”

* Based on figures from AstraZeneca’s website

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