Messages for AZ Victims

                                       MESSAGES FOR AZ VICTIMS

These messages, posted on our online Virtual Vigil are for all animal and human lives taken by AstraZeneca. The vigil was inspired by the court proceedings that are currently taking place in Spain. Juan Santos Sierra died in Spain whilst participating in a clinical trial for AstraZeneca, testing a new drug (which had already been tested for safety using animal tests). His tragic death highlights the fact that animal testing is not effective.

Animal Aid: “Our thoughts are with the victims, both animal and human, of the cruel and outdated practice of vivisection.
For the sake of animals and people, legislators and pharmaceutical companies must embrace exciting new technology and abandon animal experiments.
The new AstraZeneca facility should not be a place where animals suffer in vain, but a progressive laboratory where cutting edge, human-relevant techniques generate real progress for patients.”

Manager James, Lush Cambridge: “Our thoughts are with the innocent victims. There should only be ‘1R,’ replace.’ ”

Oscar Gillespie (Cambridge Green Party councillor): “Science can relieve the suffering of humans and animals, but it isn’t acceptable to directly cause violent pain and ill health as part of the process. Scientific research sorely needs to wake up, find a conscience, and also to be realistic about the usefulness of results from trials that use the wrong species, and also in many cases the wrong gender.
There are good alternatives. The implementation of “the three Rs” has been pathetic. There’s little indication that the perpetrators care. I live in hope.
Fond blessings to all of the victims.”

oscar gillespie

Direct Action Everywhere, London UK: “To all the innocent lives ruined by AstraZeneca. Rest in Peace.”

direct action london

Direct Action Everywhere, Birmingham UK: “Rest in Peace! To all the victims of this Biopharmaceutical company,AstraZeneca.”

 direct action bham

Akiko Motomura: “RIP from “ONE NATION For Protection of Animals

Barbara Stewart (N Y Warriors): “R. I. P. TO ALL”

Eat Plants Not Animals: “What right do we have to confine, abuse, torture and discard animals. Until every cage is empty…”

eat plants not animals

Jennifer Louise D’netto: “On behalf of all the members of Birmingham AnimalAction, Rest in Peace!

Patients Campaigning For Cures: “Our thoughts and prayers extend to the millions of human patients – and their loved ones – who have passed on far too early because animal experiments entirely fail to predict the responses of humans, in the search to find effective treatments and cures for illnesses which take beautiful young lives, full of hope and promise.”

patients campaigning

Yet another tragic clinical trial error – The company referred to is Eli Lilly&Co, which is currently working in collaboration with Astrazeneca! Our deepest sympathy to Laura and family and of course all the innocent animals that this drug was pointlessly tested on. Please see the message below:

Laura Anne Sobotowska: “My grandma died ….. as a result of taking the supposed “miracle” drug Opren to help her rheumatoid arthritis….. the company gave the British Medical Board all the paperwork/test results etc to show it was safe BUT in an investigation later, these results were found to be all falsified!…… How many more animals+people have to suffer+die??”

Akiko Motomura: “RIP to all victims of AstraZeneca.”

Dianne Bromley:
dianne bromley

Bridget Maisie Beagle’s Mum: “RIP”

Christine Ladyman: “RIP”

Glenda Yvonne Taft: “RIP”

Amanda Murphy: “RIP to all those beagles who have and are suffering needless torture in the name of science.”

Christine Phethean:RIP Praying that all those people and animals are romping in peace in Paradise. It is the ones left behind that are the sufferers.”

christine pheatan

Susan Booth: “No animal should suffer for us!”


Annette Weakley: “RIP”

Shelley Carroll: “Run In Peace Now”

shelley carroll

Marion Bradley: “Love will find a way. Requiescat in Pace.♡”

Wendy Woo: “So sad that it’s still allowed to happen. My 2 Beagles are snoring next to me. They are loved. Some Beagles go to Rainbow Bridge never knowing love RIP sweet boys & girls x x”

Norma Lockhart: “It is horrific that this is still going on. Hopefully in a better place now. Bless them all.”

Denise Peters: “Rip x”

Vivien Sadler: “Bless all those damaged by this uncaring company. R.I.P.”

Mae Barton: “R.I.P”

Taran Sandhu: “Rip x”

Beth Seely Hicks Clementson: “May our lord and his angels wrap all who perished …. Amen”

Lizzi Fuller: “Poor dear babies and poor dear people who have been taken due to this awful wrong doing company… RIP….. xx”

Jean Daglish: “RIP, So sorry to all we have wronged”

Carol Maskell: “RIP all the victims of AstraZeneca”

 Bobbie Jackson: “RIP to all innocent animal and human lives lost”
bobbie jackson

Sarah Rowell: “RIP x x”

Caroline Cottrell: “RIP” ❤

Beth Seely Hicks Clementson: “RIP” ❤ ❤

Eva Marianne Svensson: “RIP” ❤

Lisa Trainer: RIP”

Sue Le-Heup: RIP, so very sad and unnecessary.”

Linda Dean: “Shame on them and RIP all the innocent lives lost (thrown away).”

Angel Woytovich: “R.I.P.”
Julie Ellis: “R.I.P to all the animal and human lives used and abused by AstraZeneca.” ❤
Lynda Clark:
“Heartless and futile, R.I.P”                   
Claudine Chevriaux : RIP !”
Sharyn Davis: We will never stop fighting for you. RIP”
Lisa Trainer: RIP. You did not deserve this.”
Emma Louise Sugden: RIP”
Sharyn Davis: RIP you poor beautiful victims.”sharyn d

Lynda Parker: “RIP all you kind natured Beagles who had no choice but to comply with and endure the pain! From the torture inflicted upon their bodies these defenseless Beagles suffered and died in the name of medical science.” ❤ ,<3
lynda p

Lynda Parker: “RIP to the people who lost their lives ❤ ❤lynda p to all the pp who lost theri lives

Edwina Holman: “RIP”

Stacy Rachelle Woods: “For shame on AstraZeneca”

Margaret O’Hare: “RIP innocent souls xx”

Michelle Clarke: “Disgusted with AstraZeneca. This should not be happening in today’s society. RIP innocent ones. xx”

J’aime Angel: “So so sad RIP”

Jewel Haines: “R.I.P” ❤ ❤

Cathy Matthews: “RIP XXX”

Lorraine Wardley: “Rip beautiful, innocent souls… we will never give up the fight!!! Until every cage is empty and every chain broken.”

Deia Cee: RIP innocent victims”

deia cee

Anna Ireland: “RIP xxx

Tara Sansli: “Rest in peace, beautiful souls, and always believe that karma will restore the balance <3″

tara sansli

Josie Taylor:

josie taylor

Rose Harries: “Rest in Peace all those beautiful animals murdered by these cruel people. A candle of hope is lit in the hope that soon people will come to realise that experimenting on animals is cruel and unnecessary and no more lives animal or human will be lost.”

rose harries

Kelly Evans: “My heart breaks over animal experiments still being legal. Shame on AZ. Sleep tight four legged beauties. I never met you, but you were loved. X”

kelly evans

Kelly Jo: “Rest In Peace all those beautiful animals cruelly killed. Shame on AstraZeneca! No respect for human or animals’ lives! Disgraceful.”

kelly jo

Jonna Gustavsson Stenalm: “Rest in peace all beautiful and poor animals that have been used by cruel AstraZeneca. This need to stop, shame on you AstraZeneca for your cruel disregard for both human and animal lives.”

jonna gs

Eugenia Holak: “RIP all the animals abused by AstraZeneca in the name of fraudulent science and pharmaceutical legal protection. My heart breaks for all the animals lives wasted to keep the Vivisection industry thriving and for all the humans who have desperately placed their trust and faith that one day these white coats will cure them. By researching on animals AstraZeneca is holding science back. RIP. AstraZeneca, your demise will come.”

Susan Foster: “For all those beautiful innocents, used and abused purely for profit. Unreliable, unnecessary, inhumane. RIP.”

Annie Bode: “For all the precious souls that suffered so much pain 24/7 at the hands of vile greedy humans. Run free,fly high So sorry.”

annie bode

Rachael Buckingham: “None of your lives given so horrendously will be forgotten. RIP beautiful angels, as long as the light shines and the word is shared you will always be remembered. This barbaric, unnecessary act must stop now. Run free xx”

rachael buckingham

Rebecca Naomi Finn:”RIP beautiful innocents, born into a life of torture & misery & endless pain at the hands of AstraZeneca for useless experiments, our hearts go out to you all & to the breeding bitches & studs who are also existing in a living hell of a nighmare.”

Melissa Briggs: “Love and prayers for our innocent friends.”

melissa briggs

Stef Cali: “Rest in Peace every living soul that has suffered unbelievably by the hands of AstraZeneca. Nothing hurts my heart more to know the pain you have all gone through.”

stef cali

Dawn West: “RIP  God never intended animals to be horrifically abused in this way
‪#‎shame‬ on all those who torture animals in the name of science.
God is watching”

dawn west

Jo Péret:
“When ever I get hurt (ie stubbing my toe/shutting my finger in a door) while I’m suffering the pain I am reminded of the animals suffering vivisection – being tortured for a false science. RIP innocent souls.”

Eleish Harvey: “R.I.P. All the innocent souls who have been tortured in the name of science. .. Animal research is false science .. Vivisection is murder. Rest in peace innocent angels. run free over the Rainbow Bridge, free from pain and suffering.” xxxx ❤  xxxx

eleish harvey

Basia Nawarro: “R.I.P.Innocent angels.Run free over the Rainbow, Free from pain and suffering.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Louise Wright: “R I P XXX”

Helen Wallage: “R.I.P. poor souls, we are the voice of the innocent unheard animals”

Jane Fuller:    “Animal testing is barbaric and totally unnecessary. Poor animals RIP”

Shelley Grover: “R.I.P innocent lives”

Adele Cosgrove : “R.I.P. Animals have rights”

Gudrun Lisa Korell:


Michele Wilkinson: “RIP all innocent souls who have suffered.”

Josie Taylor:

josie taylor

Fiona Revell: “RIP all who have suffered at the hands of mankind, we will fight to stop your brothers and sisters becoming victims.”

Trish Spencer Lucas: “RIP”

Karen Tracey Rose Clemett-Smith: “R I P all of the poor souls!”

Sarah Whatmore: “RIP to all those innocents that have suffered by our own hands..may you now be at peace and we hope one day soon this will end, and you will have love instead of torture.”

Mary Ingles: “RIP ”

Linda Parker: “RIP all those poor innocent Animals. This needs to STOP NOW”

Anne Hood: “There is absolutely no need for this barbaric treatment of these poor, lovely animals, there are alternatives to animal testing!!! Its disgusting in this day and age humans are still doing this! This has to stop. R.I.P you poor creatures”

Paula Jeffreys: “All those innocent animals imprisoned and tortured!! Rip to them all. This needs to stop once and for all”

Andree Dyke: “In dreams I walk with you. RIP to you all.”

Linda Ann Smith: “To all the beautiful souls murdered by the so called human race. I am so sorry rest in peace beautiful souls xxxxx

Cheryl Fanso: “RIP”
Donna-Marie Maxwell: “RIP all the innocent souls who have lost their lives to the hands of evil humans who call vivisection science! I pray for the day all humans get their punishment, and animals can run free.”

Eleish Harvey: ❤

Melissa Antonia: “RIP poor innocent animals suffering at the hands of humans ;(”

Andree Dyke: “To all who died, RIPX”

andree dyke

Angie O’Neill Walker: “RIP”

Helen Sheward: “What sort of person gets up in the morning, eats their breakfast, has a shave/puts their make-up on, then goes into work to do this?!!! Completely unnecessary, sadistic and downright evil! Just look at the work of the Dr. Hadwen Trust to see the ethical and kind way to make scientific breakthroughs. RIP all sentient beings tortured and murdered by animal experimentation.”

Joanne Joss: “Rip to all the sweet souls that have needlessly lost their lives. You were all too good for this world. We will continue to be your voices.”

joanne joss

Hânïya Sârâ Sâleem: “RIP to all the innocents souls that suffered, sweet innocent beings.”


Jenny Laquiche: “RIP sweet innocents xxx”

Joy Dantine: “When we the people realize we know all we need to know – for now we can then learn from others in a more humane way – TOGETHER.”

Filomena Guerra: “R.I.P. All the Humans and Animals that died for greed and cruel mentality”


Janice Bennett: “May their little souls RIP & God forgive the humans that took the life that they never had xxxx”

janice bennett

Shirley Parker:

shirley parker

Ruby Kapper: “RIP”

ruby kap

Zog Zeena: “R.I.P”

zog zeena

Vivien Sadler: “RIP none of this suffering should be allowed”

Lynn Topliffe: “Rip sweet babies”

lynn topliffe

Kim Eldret:

kim eldret

Anne Brown: “Thinking of all those lives lost needlessly. R.I.P”

Sam Hill: “R.I.P. To all those who have suffered both animal and human.”

Sandra Scott: “These poor animals, born just to be in pain, in isolation and then die”

Linda Marston: “R.I.P. all you poor,poor animals x”

Geri Todd: “R.i.p.innocents”

Sue Sloane: “RIP xxx”

Rita Harker: “RIP I am ashamed”

Guinevere von Zundel: “RIP – it’s disgusting the way humans treat animals in this world but it doesn’t surprise me, look what we do to each other”

Karen Tracey Rose Clemett-Smith: “R I P all of the poor souls!”

Mary Shaw: “RIP innocent souls, you didn’t deserve what they did to you. May THEY never rest in peace for using you for absolutely no reason at all.”

Sarah Wood:

sarah wood

Eleanor Boyd: “RIP”
Joy Dantine: “R.I.P. and wellness without AstraZeneca.”

Lynn Mitchell: “RIP on the animals used and abused for profit. Shame on AstraZeneca,”

Clare Williams: “To all the innocent souls who don’t have a voice I send much love and light .”

Atziry Rodriguez: “RIP”

atziry rodriguez

Elizabeth Meek: “RIP to all of the lost lives. Animal testing doesn’t help anyone.”

Edwina Holman: “RIP, my heart breaks. There should be no animal testing.”

Jean Daglish:We are sorry ,Thing must change “,

Roslyn Thompson: “RIP to all the poor, innocent little animals who have been tortured and killed to no avail as animal testing is old and antiquated and not reliable. People have died using so called ‘tested’ medications. Hopefully these innocents are now in a better place. Sleep peacefully. X”

Jenni Van Rooyen: “I light a candle tonight for all the poor animals which have been and are being used in cruel experiments so that humans can live longer.”

jenni van rooyen

Greg Swinn: “90% of medicinal drugs effective on animals fail to work effectively on humans. RIP x”

Christine Phethean: “RIP”

Caroline Richards: “RIP xxx”

caroline richards

Kathy Barley: “RIP innocent ones. We won’t forget you.”

k barley

Janie Bear: “To the beautiful and innocent animals tortured for profit by ASTRA ZENECA … We are thinking of you and we care. End the holocaust .”

janie bear

Jasmine Kayess: “RIP There is no excuse and you will not be forgotten.”

Wendy Woo: “RIP. Let`s hope we can stop this and there will soon no longer be a need to type RIP for future borns”

Jean Daglish: “RIP all our innocent babies XX”

Laura Linda Williams: “R I P xXx”

laura linda w

Patricia Panora: “In their memory”


Angela Darnley: In my thoughts. RIP X X X X

Alex Daraio Garrett: “RIP all you beautiful intelligent souls mistreated by the worst of our kind. Your deaths will not be in vain and we will fight the cause to have you live your innocent lives in peace and nature.”

Isa Kiszkiel: “In the memory of all species, victims of AstraZeneca’s cruelty and greed.RIP”

isa k

Diana Romanos: “For all the victims of AstraZeneca’s cruelty and greed RIP sweet souls. We’ll fight on in your memory …”

diana romanos

Melissa Whittinghill: “In honor of all unnecessary suffering and death humans cause. RIP sweet, innocent animals.”

melissa whittinghill

Julie Ellis: “R.I.P to all the innocent victims – gone but not forgotten”

julie ellis

Cheryl Ann: “Rest in peace Angels knowing you will never be forgotten.”
“I love you
I’m sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you”
Ho’oponopono healing mantra

cheryl ann

Karen Lynn Reid Fitzhugh: “RIP little angels”

Maureen Wraight: “Prayers for all the animals who have suffered.RIP x”

Wai Ling Liu: “RIP to all animals , always miss you.”

Freja Petersen: “RIP all you beautiful souls stolen by AstraZeneca”

Elizabeth Owens: “RIP all you poor innocent souls, may the scientists wake up and realise that they will never get sensible results using animals! And shame on all these huge money making drug companies for causing such suffering to those who cannot speak for themselves!”

Lisa Trainer: “RIP”

Lynn Mitchell: “RIP”

Angela Baxter: “RIP”

angela baxter

Amy Goldstein Cohen: “Rip”

Lisa James: “R I P sweet angels”

Edwina Holman: “Rip”

Vivien Sadler: “Poor babies. R.I.P.”

Jewel Haines: “R.I.p. to all who never felt a loving touch, as warm bed, a nice meal….I am so very sorry humans let you down. I love all of you so very much”

Jean Daglish: “We are trying, RIP babys X”

Natalia Doran: “Holy Father Cuthbert, pray to God for all the victims of AstraZeneca experiments.”

natalia d

Jo Péret: “RIP precious souls , the victims of an evil and cruel false science.”

jo peret

Nic Mac: “RIP little angels”

Jewel Haines: “R.I.p. to all the forgotten ones….”

Carolyne Perkins: “May peace come to us all. RIP all lost souls”

Eva Marianne Svensson: “If I only could save them all!!!”

eva s

Karina End Bsl Haldane: “Rip beautiful souls!! I’ll fight for each and every one of you until my last breath!”

Mary Halsall: “R.i.p Beautiful souls”

mary halsall

Shane Waett: “To the millions who have suffered, We will not bend, forget or give up.”

John Pender: “R.I.P all the beautiful creatures”

Robbie Blade: “I have lit a candle tonight also, for all of the innocent animals who have lived and who wanted nothing more than to live free and in graceful peace. I light the candle and bless all of those beautiful animals who have lived, and died.
RIP in Peace Brothers and Sisters. I think of you and mourn your passing.
May your journey into the unknown now continue, peacefully into the Universe……… I’ll be seeing you” [[hugs]]


Jean Daglish: “We see you , we feel you , we cry for you , we will try for you ,RIP babies”

Jane Harrison: “For all who have suffered, for all who are suffering and for all who will, in the future, suffer. I call on the violet flame of St. Germaine to heal our screaming planet, to set in motion the plans for a better world, where no innocent suffers and to help people put compassion before money . So be it”

Jo Péret: “Thinking of all the dear Beagles who are in pain thru’ out tonight, or crying for the moms or puppies.”
joe peret

Vicky Coleman:  “RIP little ones x”

vicky coleman

John Crimmings

j crimmings

                                                                                                                                   Diane Loveless: “Peace for all the ones that are suffering and RIP the ones that has had their lives taken by monsters …..”

Marco Baracca: “For all the innocent creatures sacrificed by science killer of AstraZeneca…R.I.P.”

Charmi Veronika: “My heart aches for each and every one of the poor souls who’ve so unjustly been the victims of human greed”


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